Water Resources


The integration of agronomic techniques promoted in our system production also resulted in a relevant contribution to water resources in agricultural areas. The permanent coverage of the soil with cane fields and its straw, or with rotating crops, reduces water loss through evaporation, in addition to increasing the water retention and infiltration capacities in the soil, due to the accumulation of organic matter and the reconstitution of its bio-structure, ultimately supporting balanced portions of land, water, air, organic matter and soil life.

We are certain that the Cana Verde Project has effectively contributed to increasing the flow of fresh water in the springs present farms.

There are two hallmarks that definitely confirm such a claim. In Santa Rita and Água Branca farms, there were vegetated canals originally built to drain excess water during summer, when intense rainfall takes place in this region. Years after the implantation of the Cana Verde Project in these farms, the flow of fresh water in these canals became permanent, even persisting during winter. To protect these new springs, we reforested their banks by providing an adequate riparian forest.