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Atividade Produto Destino
A1 Mechanized harvesting Organic cane B1
A2 Natural vegetation
A3 Crop rotation Green fertilizer A5
A4 Effluent recycling Fertilization A5
A5 Sugarcane field under development Organic cane A1
B1 Unloading Organic cane B2
B2 Cane preparation Chipped cane B3
B3 Juice Extraction Cane juice B4
B3 Juice Extraction Cane bagasse E1
B4 Juice Treatment Juice treated C1 D1
B4 Juice Treatment Sludge B5
B5 Sludge filtration Juice filtrated B4
B5 Sludge filtration Filter cake A4
C1 Juice Evaporation Syrup or molasses C2
C2 Cooking or crystallization Sugar dough C3
C3 Dough Centrifuging Wet crystal sugar C4
C3 Dough Centrifuging Molasses D1
C4 Sugar Drying Dry sugar C5
C5 Sieving Crystal sugar Trade
D1 Juice dosing and molasses Mixed juice D2
D2 Juice Fermentation Fermented must D3
D3 Yeast recovery Wine D4
D3 Yeast recovery Yeast D2
D3 Yeast recovery Yeast Animal feed
D4 Distillation Organic alcohol D5
D4 Distillation
D5 Alcohol Tank Organic alcohol Trade
D6 Vinasse tank Vinasse A4
E1 Bagasse storage
E2 Boiler
E2 Boiler Mechanical energy B3 E3
E2 Boiler Ashes A4
E3 Turbo generator Electric power Trade