Fair Trade is an English expression that we in Brasil have adopted. The Usina São Francisco (UFRA), Santo Antônio plant (USA) and Native are internationally certified within the standards by Fair Trade USA and Fair for Life, recognized worldwide in more than 115 countries and exclusive for raw materials and organic products in companies that support Fair Trade.

Distributors who buy Fair Trade certified products have a formal contract knowing that a percentage of the purchase price will go to the company's Fair Trade Fund. Resources from this fund are allocated to projects aimed at social and environmental development, that is, development of employees, their families, local agents, suppliers, the community and the environment where the company runs its business activities.

Native is represented by its certified organic sugar and organic neutral alcohol.

Projects and actions supported by the Fair Trade Fund go through an elected General Committee, which proposes, implements and manages projects to be implemented, always seeking the best results for employees, suppliers, the local community and the environment. This Committee is elected every 5 years and all employees, except managers and directors, can participate.

Internal projects respond to the main needs identified in each survey carried out every time a new General Committee takes over its management.

Health, Leisure, Education, Environment and Family Income are themes frequently identified as a focus in the needs survey.


Every welfare and social entity that is incorporated has a business number that has been registered for over 3 years and is located in one of the cities where the company operates. Usina São Francisco (UFRA), Santo Antônio plant (USA) and Native, you can present your project through the channel: Contact us. 

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