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Through modern technology combined with natural cultivation practices, such as regenerative organic management, biological pest control and harvesting without burning, Native keeps the quality of its sugar line products intact, ensuring purity and cane honey essence straight to your table, respecting you and the environment. The packaging of organic sugar depicts some Brazilian fauna animals found on our certified farms, representing the biodiversity achieved in sustainable organic production.

  • Socially responsible
  • Carbon Neutral
  • Sustainable organic production

Native is the 1st food company in Brazil to receive the ROC - Regenerative Organic Certified® certification

The certification authenticates companies that effectively contribute to soil regeneration, appreciation of animal welfare and dignity for rural workers. Producing sustainably while regenerating the environment for future generations is part of our commitment to nature.

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Amount per serving
5 g (1 teaspoon)
%DV (*)
Energy Value20 Kcal / 85 KJ 1%
Carbs5,0 g2%
Proteins0 g0
Total Fats0 g0
Saturated Fats0 g0
Trans Fats0 g**
Dietary fiber0 g0
Sodium0 mg0
(*)% Daily values based on a 2000 Kcal or 8400 KJ diet. Your daily values may be higher or lower depending on your energy needs. (**) DV not established. The nutritional values informed above may change and be higher or lower depending on the product's manufacturing batch. Before consuming, check the product label for nutritional information.
Packaging 1 kg
Packaging1 kg11 x 5,5 x 22,5
Shipping box12 units46,5 x 23,5 x 22,5
Barcode (EAN)
Shipping box789.820.650.004-1
Packaging 50 x 5 g
Packaging250 g13 x 9 x 9
Shipping box18 unitsDoes not contain
Barcode (EAN)
Shipping box1.789.820.650.273-8
Packaging 200 X 5 g
Packaging5 g22,0 x 18,0 x 11,5
Shipping box200 unitsDoes not contain
Barcode (EAN)
Shipping boxDoes not contain


Organic demerara sugar.

Organic Ingredients:

Product composed of 100% organic ingredient.