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Native 85% Cocoa Organic Chocolate is produced with organic cocoa from southern Bahia. The great reward of a daring experience and for those looking for the intense flavor of cocoa. Your palate will feel unique sensations provided by the taste of a genuine chocolate from a brown fruit and tannins slightly larger than our 75% chocolate. The secret of the rich flavor and aroma of Native 85% Cacao Organic Chocolate is in the selection of the best organic cocoa beans, in the quality of our organic sugar and mindful manufacturing. All this to guarantee the richest nuances that characterize the taste of a premium chocolate, recognized by the most demanding consumers in the world.

The organic farming process employed in the cocoa trees from which Native chocolates originate rescues the traditional integration of agriculture with the environment, contributing to the preservation of the Atlantic Forest, protecting animals and promoting social development of local workers and communities.

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Amount per serving
25 g (5 boxes)
%DV (*)
Energy Value154 Kcal / 646 KJ 8%
Carbs6,7 g2%
Proteins2,8 g4%
Total Fats13 g23%
Saturated Fats8,1 g37%
Trans Fats0 g**
Dietary fiber1,7 g7%
Sodium0,6 mg0
Iron0,67 mg5%
(*)% Daily values based on a 2000 Kcal or 8400 KJ diet. Your daily values may be higher or lower depending on your energy needs. (**) DV not established. The nutritional values informed above may change and be higher or lower depending on the product's manufacturing batch. Before consuming, check the product label for nutritional information.
Packaging 960 g
Packaging960 g13,7 x 8,3 x 17,3
Shipping box6 units28,3 x 15,0 x 19,0
Barcode (EAN)
Shipping box2.789.820.650.181-3
Packaging 80 g
Packaging80 g17,0 x 8,0 x 10,0
Shipping boxDoes not containDoes not contain
Barcode (EAN)
Shipping boxDoes not containi


Organic cocoa, organic sugar and organic cocoa butter. Minimum 85% cocoa.

Organic Ingredients:

Product composed of 100% organic ingredients.