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The Youth Orchestra Project of Sertãozinho´s purpose is to teach music to children and young people who have musical talent and, primarily, do not have the financial conditions to fund this study. The promotion for optimization and improvement in the efficiency and effectiveness of the results obtained so far with the project "Orquestra Jovem de Sertãozinho" belong to the APM by EMEF Professor Antonio Cristino Cabral.


To foster musical culture and the concept of orchestras in the city of Sertãozinho and region;

To offer the children and young people alternatives in their idle time or off school hours;

Encourage society to apply and invest in cultural and educational projects in schools;

Show the various specialties of music among: musician, instrumentalists, conductors, music arrangers, teachers among others;

Promote art as a trade possibility and human development.

Number of beneficiaries: 50 students

Performances: 25

Audience in performances: 5,000

Income generation (jobs generated): 17

City benefited: Sertãozinho