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Since 2011, Balbo Economic Group has sponsored cultural projects such as Music in Action. This project is developed in the cities of Sertãozinho, Barrinha and Cruz das Posses with the aim of:

• Expanding educational development;

• Provide self-knowledge and respect for others;

• Educate and sensitize understanding through art;

• Promote individual growth;

• Propagate social insertion and self-worth in living environments;

• Encourage exchanges with other Cultural Groups.

The Music in Action project (Música em Ação) boosted actions aimed at music in the city of Sertãozinho and Barrinha, carrying out the following actions:

• Musical Choir - in Sertãozinho;

• Children's Choir Canto Verde - in Barrinha;

• Adult choir Canto Verde - in Barrinha;

• Support to the Vivace Choir - in Sertãozinho.

Performance locations:

The Project included three cities: Sertãozinho, Cruz das Posses and Barrinha.


The materials produced served as means of communication dissemination in addition to specific actions, namely:

• Press office: TV, magazine, newspapers and websites;

• Certificates, badges, tickets and invitations;

• Banners, posters, folders, leafleting;

• Radio broadcasting;

• T-shirts and billboards.