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Social and environmental certifications are applicable to companies or organizations and verify their good ethical, social and environmental practices.

IBD Fair Trade - Fair Trade Certification applies to companies, properties and groups of producers that aim to trigger an internal process of human, social and environmental development fostered by commercial relations based on the principles of Fair Trade.

Fair Trade USA - The Fair Trade Certified ™ seal represents thousands of products that help improve millions of lives, protecting the environment in more than 45 countries.

Fair for Life - Certification Program for Fair Trade & Responsible Supply Chains and Corporate Social Responsibility.

Carbon Neutral - Native's activities represent a carbon sink, making the company carbon neutral.

Non-GMO Project - The Non-GMO Project seal verifies that products are free of GM ingredients.

Kosher - Kosher certification ensures that certified foods are suitable or permitted under Jewish dietary laws.

UEBT Sourcing with Respect - The “Sourcing with Respect” seal recognizes the principles that guide ethical supply: conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity, respect for workers' rights, systems for ethical supply, among others. It attests that all of our actions regarding the supply of organic sugar and alcohol are in accordance with the UEBT ethical bio-trade principles.

Renovabio - RenovaBio's main instrument is the establishment of annual national decarbonization targets for the fuel sector, in order to encourage an increase in the production and participation of biofuels in the country's energy transport matrix.

eureciclo - The eureciclo seal guarantees a reverse logistics system for recycling the equivalent amount of material that Native puts on the market through environmental compensation. In this way, the negative impact of packaging is being offset from the environment and the recycling chain is being valued.